Get close to
the beauty of nature

Experience the feel in a resort that’s located right in the middle of a plantation property blended with nature.


A paradise
for nature lovers.

GAZELLE RESORT is an ideal retreat for the traveler who looks for a more enriching experience than a mere vacation.welcome to the paradise of nature.


Gazelle , the nature resort beyond compare.

At Gazelle, We believe in making optimal use of environmental resources, maintaining the ecological balance, and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.

Blended with nature

A resort like no other

Nearest Attraction

Feel The beauty of

Wonderful place to touch the skies and have a real bird’s eye view of western ghats and the Tamil Nadu Theni side.Opportunity to see and feel the wind farm on a hill top and get carried away by the wind and the ambience.

Feel the taste of Tabitha

Experience Deliciously from Our Chefs, TABITHA Multicuisine restaurant

we offers cuisines varying from classic Indian and continental dishes well-crafted for your palette.

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