Stunning location to ascend to the heavens and immerse yourself in a breathtaking aerial panorama of the Western Ghats and the Tamil Nadu Theni region. An exceptional chance to witness and embrace the wind farm perched atop a hill, where you’ll be swept away by the winds and the enchanting surroundings.

Chathurangapara offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere, far removed from the chaos of city life. It’s a place where you can truly unwind and reconnect with nature.The village is renowned for its mesmerizing landscapes, with lush green hills and valleys that provide a feast for the eyes. The Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcase their splendor here. Chathurangapara provides a unique opportunity to ascend to elevated viewpoints, offering a bird’s eye view of the surrounding Western Ghats and the Tamil Nadu region. The panoramic vistas are nothing short of awe-inspiring.Atop the hills, you’ll encounter a wind farm, a captivating sight where towering wind turbines harness the power of the wind. Visitors can explore this sustainable energy initiative while enjoying the brisk mountain breeze.For adventure enthusiasts, Chathurangapara offers opportunities for nature walks, hiking, and trekking, allowing you to explore the region’s unspoiled beauty up close.


Ramakkalmedu is a hill station and a hamlet in Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located about 15 km from Nedumkandom on the Munnar-Thekkady route. It provides a panoramic view of Tamil Nadu villages and towns. It is the proposed site for power generation using winds. It belives that or there is a folk-tale that lord ‘Sree Rama’, the Hindu mythological God had set his foot on this rock and hence the name Rama-Kal-Medu (Meaning: Rama’s foot imprints).


Meesapulimala is a peak in the high ranges of Idukki district in Kerala at an elevation of 2,640 metres.Meesapulimala the highest peak in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 2663 mt after the ‘Anamudi’ . The trails take one through a variety of habitats like meadows, shola forests and Pine plantations. Meesapulimala offers to explore the natural beauty of nature. The place is known for its beautiful trial with a mixture of Pine Trees, valleys, terrain, shola forest and its challenging trial.

Anayirankal Dam

Anayirankal Dam is one of the largest earthen dams built in the 1960s, and it is situated approximately 26 kilometers away from the town of Munnar in India. One of the main attractions of this area is the dam itself, which offers a picturesque and serene environment. Visitors can indulge in the delightful experience of boating on the reservoir created by the dam.

The landscape around Anayirankal Dam is truly breathtaking, with lush greenery and natural beauty all around. The reservoir and its surroundings provide a peaceful and enchanting setting for tourists to explore.

Nearby, in the vicinity of Munnar, you can find Chinnakanal, where the Power House Waterfalls are located. These waterfalls cascade down a steep rock face from an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level, offering a stunning view of the Western Ghat mountain ranges. This area is known for its natural beauty and is a popular spot for tourists to visit.

As you travel approximately seven kilometers from Chinnakanal, you will arrive at Anayirangal. Here, you will be greeted by a carpet of lush green tea plantations, creating a captivating and picturesque landscape. The Anayirangal Dam is surrounded by these tea plantations and evergreen forests, adding to the charm of the place. A boat ride on the reservoir within this scenic setting is a truly unforgettable experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.